The Complete Solution for Service Station Automation

A single G4 can simultaneously connect several pump models (Wayne, Gilbarco, Aspro, etc.) and has integration with RFID readers.


The G4 is multifunctional being the ideal solution for:

  • Measuring pumps
  • Vehicular Natural Gas Dispensers
  • RFID


The G4 uses latest generation SMD electronic components and PCI of four layers. It is a compact product, of low energy consumption, low maintenance and extremely high performance which provides great strength, safety, accuracy and speed of information.


G4 uses Linux as embedded operating system for optimized task management, it being possible to customize it and add new implementations quickly. Using such a stable operating system as Linux the G4 drastically reduces the possibility of possible problems arising, ensuring greater stability.


The G4 speaks the language of your network using TCP/IP technology of easy installation and maintenance. It can be in the place of your choice and allows the execution of support, diagnosis, updates of firmware and own remote configuration at the moment of the installation, all through the Internet.

Have the computers stopped?
Do not worry. The G4 does the work alone!



The G4 is capable of recording and storing more than 10,000 individualized supplies and closings even with the computer disconnected.

No Battery

Light and compact product dispenses with internal battery. It uses non-volatile media to ensure data storage even with the PC disconnected.


It allows registration of RFID cards for identifying the attendant and customer, allowing the follow-up of productivity and customer loyalty even without communicating with the PC.

Dual Voltage

It avoids concern and losses with the switched source of the G4 which detects automatically the input between 100 and 230 volts.



Legality, quality and confidence ensured by the validation of Inmetro/Dimel.


Easy and accurate diagnosis through LEDs of operating status of the G4.


A complete and quality solution which allows easy integration with any software by DLL.


Reliability for your service station

Acquire the G4, the best automation of service stations in the market produced by the pioneering company in the sector with 27 years’ experience.