IONICS has its trajectory marked by 27 years of pioneering and innovation. At each step of its history, pride and passion for work, its customers and vanguard solutions have always been present.

Upon founding IONICS in 1987, the Engineer Plínio Tadeu de Oliveira Sombrio, our current CEO, created in Brazil a market until then nonexistent of solutions for control and automation of service stations, developing their own pump concentrators and management systems.In 2005, at the request of Petrobrás, IONICS developed a solution which became the embryo of another movement of pioneering and innovation in Brazil. There came into being SAAF - Automated Fleet Supply System - which today has more than 40,000 vehicles automated in Brazil and Latin America.

In 2013, IONICS consolidated a successful partnership with LINX S/A by selling the group its service stations management system, SSG Premium, with more than 2500 customers.

Thus, IONICS comes to concentrate all its investments and efforts in expanding its business in Brazil, Latin America, Central America and Africa, through its SAAF solution and latest generation automation for service stations. From Brazil to the world, IONICS will always continue writing its history of innovation and success.

Guilherme Schreinert Sombrio
Operations & Technology Director